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Advantages of buying here:

  • Buy direct without the middleman
  • Save time on car purchasing
  • Big range of wholesale cars
  • Detailed car description
  • No start up fees
  • Commission only charged on trades

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A perfect experience is the car auction we can rely on. If we need a particular car, it is often on auction within a couple of days. It is a place where you can get a good deal without complications.
Daniel Harding, Birmingham

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You can use your computer to locate the cars you want to buy at the auction.

All the cars on auction have a detailed car description.

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You enter your bid for each car you would like to buy.

You can monitor the auction 24 hours a day and bid on all the cars you want to buy.

How do I bid?



When you have purchased a car, you print out the following contract of sale.

You arrange to pay for and collect the car directly with the seller.

This service will cost you between EUR 200 and EUR 200 ex. VAT according to the reserve price of the car.


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